Qatar's 2nd International Veterinary Falcon Conference (FalCon) is a pioneer global forum to review the latest advances in the field falcon veterinary, and a unique opportunity for veterinarians, scientists, researchers, falconers and relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to address providing falcons with scientifically-based care and discuss the cutting-edge research and literature in this field.


FalCon aims to shed light on falcons in Qatar and Arabian Gulf region, and find the suitable veterinary solutions to address the current diseases.

Improve the scientific research movement in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf.

Establish a collective scientific authority and reference specialized in falcon veterinary, with Qatar as the main platform.

Review the significance and value of falcons biologically and ecologically.

Encourage scientists and researchers of different fields such as Biology, Ethology, Ecology, Pharmacology, Nutrition, etc, to employ their area of expertise to gain a better insight into falcons.

Raise awareness of falcons health and the importance of conservation.

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26th–28th of January 2016 | Qatar’s 2nd International Veterinary Falcons Conference 2016

Main Topics

  1. Arab traditional falcon veterinary, past and present.
  2. Common diseases of falcons, mainly in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf region.
  3. Employing genetics and genomics to establish a new perspective for understanding falcons and their diseases.
  4. Practical workshops of Orthopaedic surgery, Ophthalmology and Endoscopy.
  5. Falcon nutrition according the latest scientific standards.
  6. Environmental influence on falcons’ health.
  7. Employment of the Ultrasonography techniques in falcons veterinary.
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