Al-Gannas Society is a cultural association specialized in falconry. It aims to encourage the Arabian traditional hunting by supporting falconers and managing their affairs. Al-Gannas has organized numerous events and activities, and represented Arab falconers in regional and global forums.

Al-Gannas various interests include hunting with falcons, salukis and rifles to develop traditional hunting on scientific basis and to introduce falconry to the new generation.

In 2010, UNESCO declared falconry as an intangible heritage of humanity; several countries were associated with the inscription of this element, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the Czech republic, France, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Morocco, Spain and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Al-Gannas Building

Al-Gannas building is located in Katara Valley of Culture, unit No. 33, West Bay area of Doha, Qatar. The building consists of a falconry equipment exhibition, lecture theater for seminars, a veterinary clinic, hunting supplies area, guestroom and administrative offices.

Our Vision

- Society of distinction
- Deep-rooted culture
- Sustainable hunting

Our Mission

The mission of Al-Gannas Society is to organize traditional falconry by increasing membership base locally and regionally. It also aims to develop methods and regulations to govern falconry by providing services and organizing events and competitions and encouraging participation, research and studies within this field. In order to enable us to carry out this role with success and distinction, Al-Gannas has excellent facilities and equipment.

Our Goals

  1. Achieve Qatar National Vision for the year 2030.
  2. Raising the awareness and improving the quality of falconry, saluki and rifle hunting.
  3. Hosting seminars and producing publications clarifying falconry regulations both inside and outside the state.
  4. Communicating with international organizations and associations specialized in relevant activities.
  5. Establishment of a specialized research center.
  6. Providing the necessary information to facilitate participation and registration in Al-Gannas Society and providing the logistical support the members demand.
  7. Providing veterinary care and a designating veterinary hospital to address the health needs of falcons and salukis.
  8. Coordinating relationships with related institutions both locally and globally in order to prevent over-hunting, and to preserve nature reserves inside and outside Qatar with the support of the state.
  9. Organizing festivals within the state and participating in international events and festivals to represent Arab Falconry.
  10. Publicizing the knowledge of falcons, their habits, life cycles, species, places of origin and migration routes.
  11. Organizing multiple courses for beginners to introduce the basic principles of falconry, hunting, training, nutrition, disease prevention, habits and behavior of falcons.
  12. Organizing trips for young falconers to familiarize them with the concept of hunting as a sport and a culture to cultivate and transfer ancestral heritage to future generations.